Community Service

Community Outreach

Baywood understands that it is important to utilize our position within the industry to not only be a leader in business, but also in community involvement and philanthropy. In maintaining a commitment to service, we have developed BEAR, Baywood Hotels Education and Reach initiatives. Since its inception, BEAR has contributed over $500,000 to communities through various partnerships and much more in volunteer time.


National Miracle in a Bottle Fundraiser

Baywood has branded our very own premium drinking water to be sold in each of our hotels nationwide with 100% of its profits donated to the selected organization. On average, our water bottle sales have raised $70,000 in donations per year.


Local Community Involvement

BEAR strives to enrich the lives of individuals and families in communities we work and live in through sponsored charities at hotel grand opening events, volunteering and fundraising activities. The vision and core values of our foundation are to educate and support initiatives to positively impact our local communities. With over 100 hotels in our portfolio and more in our development pipeline, we are constantly expanding, as is BEAR initiatives.


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