New Construction

When Baywood Hotels launches a new development project, our number one priority is ensuring that our facilities are designed, capitalized,and built for long-term success. This means not only achieving budget and construction milestones, but also earning patron satisfaction, meeting financial projections and maintaining a high-quality property over the investment period. Short-term development decisions are made based upon long-term impact to ownership. Our commitment to this philosophy runs deep,with Baywood’s principals making significant cash investments in each of our projects. Baywood Hotels stands side-by-side with our investment partners to manage the ultimate success of each venture.

Below are just a few ways our development team guides the development process from start to finish:

  • Market analysis, site identification and selection and acquisition negotiation
  • Franchise selection and license negotiation
  • Obtaining all necessary government approvals—engineering, environmental, zoning, and utilities
  • Qualification, selection and contract negotiations with designers, architects, and contractor(s)
  • Acquisition, placement, and negotiation of debt and investment equity
  • Design and engineering process oversight
  • Construction management
  • Pre-opening marketing
  • Negotiation and purchase of all furnishings, fixtures and equipment
  • Punch-list inspections and follow-up with all involved contractors to ensure a first-class final product
  • Hotel staffing, training and opening
  • Post-opening hotel management and marketing program implementation
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